Top ten most popular FAQs

What is Kanz

Kanz is an interest-free financial products super app that let’s our users have access to financial services like: savings, investments (local and international), Takaful, pensions etc.

How does it work?

At Kanz, we believe access to shariah-compliant financial products is a necessity and should be available to everyone irrespective of financial background or expertise. We’ve make accessing financial services as seamless and handsfree as possible so you can focus on more important things.

What Products Does Kanz Offer

We offer savings (Naira and US Dollar), investments (local and foreign) and Takaful services.

Why Should I Should I Choose Kanz?

Kanz is the first product in Nigeria to offer fully shariah-compliant and accessible financial services in savings(Naira and US Dollar), investment (local and foreign) and Takaful all in one app.

Has Kanz Launched Yet?

Kanz is currently at the prelaunch stage and would be available on the App and Play Stores. You can join our waitlist from the button below, to be one of the first people to be informed when we launch.

Is Kanz Fully Shariah-Compliant?

Yes, all our products are fully shariah-compliant and certified by our in-house shariah team.

Is My Money Safe With Kanz

Absolutely! Your money is 100% safe with us. However, the values of investments go up and down, so there’s a chance you could get less than you invested.

Is Kanz Fully Licensed?

We’re fully registered as a Limited Liability Company in Nigeria and a member of the Association of Non Bank Microfinance Institutions of Nigeria. We are equally working on getting fully licensed by other regulatory bodies.

Is Kanz Available In Every Country?

At the moment we’re only Available in Nigeria, however, we have plans to offer our services across Africa.

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